New Study Points to Longer Duration of Axillary Lymphadenopathy After COVID-19 Vaccine

In sharp contrast to previous reporting of side effects from clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines, new findings from breast ultrasound research revealed a significantly longer duration of axillary lymphadenopathy among people who had COVID-19 vaccination.1 The retrospective study, which was recently published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, involved 111 …

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Fewer give blood as more people around the world get vaccinated for COVID-19 – CNA

‘SEPTEMBER WORRIES’ Like South Korea, Russia prohibits blood donations from the fully vaccinated – but for a whole month, not just seven days. It also does not accept blood from those in the middle of COVID-19 vaccination cycle. The Kommersant business daily reported last week that donor activity in Russia …

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189 new breakthrough cases reported in El Paso County this past week | KDBC

The latest seven-day COVID-19 data for El Paso was released Monday, August 16. It indicated that a person who was fully vaccinated was among the 14 people who died from the coronavirus. A total of 14 COVID-19 deaths, 750 new cases and 189 breakthrough COVID-19 cases were reported for the …

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Austria suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine batch after death

Austrian authorities have suspended inoculations with a batch of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as a precaution while investigating the death of one person and the illness of another after the shots, a health agency said on Sunday. “The Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) has received two reports in …

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No Evidence—Yet—For Covid-19 Vaccination Affecting The Menstrual Cycle. There May Be Soon.

A number of pieces in recent weeks have addressed the question of whether the Covid-19 vaccine might affect women’s cycles and menstruation itself. Source: No Evidence—Yet—For Covid-19 Vaccination Affecting The Menstrual Cycle. There May Be Soon.