URGENT: Deaths in England surge again – by Alex Berenson

The death surge in highly mRNA vaccinated countries continues this winter.

Meanwhile, less-vaccinated countries are reporting normal or below normal mortality rates.

The latest bad news for vaccine advocates came from theBritish governmentthis morning.

The Office of National Statistics said it had registered 17,381 deaths in England and Wales in the week ended Friday, January 13. That figure is about 20 percent more than the five-year average – and 30 percent more than longer-term averages – for the year’s second week.

Only about 650 of the deaths had Covid as an underlying cause, the government said, so most of the excess was not related to Covid.

The British data confirms recent trends all over Western Europe, includingthe Netherlands and Switzerland.

Most wealthy countries that relied on mRNA Covid shots and boosters had non-Covid deaths well above normal in 2022. The problem has worsened in recent weeks, in the wake of the fall Omicron booster campaigns.

With recent upward revisions, Europe will now probably report more excess deaths in 2022 than either 2020, before Covid vaccines were available, or 2021, before boosters began in earnest.

No connection has yet been proven.

But in contrast, South Africa and Bulgaria – two middle-income countries with much lower levels of Covid vaccinations – have reported normal or below-normal deaths for several months.


While the United States lags substantially in reporting complete death figures, many European countries post them within two to three weeks.

Britain is among the fastest, as well as very highly vaccinated.

About 90 percent of English adults received mRNA Covid jabs from Pfizer or Moderna or AstraZeneca’s DNA shots, according togovernment data.

About 70 percent of English adults then received a booster, and about 60 percent of those over 50 received the “bivalent” booster against Omicron in fall 2022. (Many adults over 75 also received a spring 2022 booster, meaning they have now taken five shots.) The boosters have been almost exclusively mRNAs.

Yet deaths in Britain have recently soared.

(Deaths registered in England and Wales, by week for the last three years. Deaths are now far above normal, with non-Covid deaths higher than at any point since the epidemic began.)



Bulgaria offers a striking contrast.

Deaths in Bulgaria have fallen far below their 2020 and 2021 levels – and more recently even below the 2015-2019 averages.

Bulgaria had among the lowest vaccination rates anywhere in the world, with only about 30 percent of adults jabbed and under 15 percent receiving even one booster. The country had widespread Covid outbreaks and high Covid deaths in 2020 and 2021.

But – as was widely predicted when Covid began andbeforethe mRNA vaccines were introduced – it now appears to be running a deficit of deaths. The most likely explanation is that many of the people Covid killed were very old and sick and would have died within a year or two.

The Bulgarian data, and similar figures from South Africa, also appear to end “long Covid” as an explanation for the excess deaths in the mRNA countries. Both countries had nearly everyone exposed to the coronavirus.

(Deaths in lightly vaccinated Bulgaria. The red line is 2022: no excess deaths since May, deaths below normal since September)



I normally try to end these pieces with a clever kicker, but I don’t have one. And I want to get this out as quickly as possibly, especially since American public health bureaucrats STILL will not lay off boosters.

So that’s it. Thanks for reading.


Source: URGENT: Deaths in England surge again