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A photo illustration of a syringe and a bottle reading “Covid-19 Vaccine” next to the Pfizer company logo in Jerusalem on December 10, 2020. (Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

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Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, an Israeli professor and researcher in the areas of health and risk communication as well as public relations, held a Zoom meeting on Jan. 8, to communicate and expose important hidden and unpublicized research results as they related to a study which had been commissioned by the Ministry of Health concerning Israel’s reporting system of adverse effects to vaccines.

The revelations she shared came from the research which had been conducted by Prof. Matti Berkowitz, director of the Assaf HaRofeh Hospital’s Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit.

That study analyzed reports of adverse events from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, between December 2021 and May 2022 and was submitted to Israel’s “Nahlieli” vaccine database.

According to Shir-Raz, the study turned up significant findings on the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, which had been enthusiastically recommended to the Israeli public as of January 2021.

A number of new revelations came to light, one being that throughout the year 2021, no reporting mechanism had been put in place for healthcare workers to report adverse effects which were being felt by some of the public. Once a better framework had been established in 2022, the pre-printed form, created for reporting purposes, also failed to provide a place for conditions, which had not been previously mentioned in Pfizer’s materials, to be outlined.

Another revelation which the research team discovered was that adverse effects had not been transitory or short-lived. Many among those who suffered such injuries went on to feel those effects for three months or even longer. In fact, there are those who have never recovered from the adverse effects, to this day.

It was further mentioned that the research team was surprised by the unexpected and lengthy duration of the side effects.

Many charts and slides were displayed during the Zoom conference in order to highlight the team’s findings, which included detailed percentages of injured parties with a well-documented and comprehensive explanation for each group.

“Adverse Effects” were broken up into four categories – neurological, muscular-skeletal, menstrual and digestive. Many, if not all, of these categories had never been mentioned on Pfizer’s own list of possible side effects, and young children who received the vaccination seemed to suffer at a greater percentage than adults.

Shir-Raz emphasized how important it was to establish a causal relation, and one of the ways that was determined was by observing how the same adverse effects worsened or reoccurred after a new shot had been administered, but this, too, went unreported and undisclosed.

Perhaps, one of the most important findings was that the Ministry of Health had been aware of nearly everyone who had been injured but basically ignored the reports without offering any treatment or compensation. Some were even hospitalized, but it was said that no one reached out to them.

Those who spoke on the Zoom conference all agreed that there had been no transparency, accountability nor attention given to all of these findings, but that none of the injured were anonymous. Those who suffered the effects were definitely known as authorities were made aware of them. In fact, when they presented with adverse effects, they were asked, by hospital personnel, if they had been vaccinated, but their answers never made their way into written documents.

A discussion also took place around fact-checking, which attempted to make claims that there was no causal relation between the vaccine and what was being observed, even though, after a subsequent dose, there were clear exacerbations. So this contradicted the researchers who stated that there was a strong indication for causal relation.

Nonetheless, they claimed that a wrong narrative was being pushed even as further investigations went on, rather than present that side effects were not short term – a fact which they say Israelis and the rest of the world should have heard.

Another fact-checker mentioned that no new adverse effects had been found, which was, again, in direct contradiction to the findings of the research team.

This Zoom conference was not the first of its kind. A prior conference had been held on Dec. 12, 2022, attended by a number of doctors and can be accessed on, entitled, “CIC (Corona Investigative Committee) Israel, Session 4: ‘Israel’s Hidden VAERS.’”

The session began with independent researcher and health advisor Ilana Rachel Daniel stating that Israel had been made to be the laboratory for the world, thanks to then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who entered into an agreement with Pfizer but who, nonetheless, failed to put into place a system for Israeli citizens to report anticipated vaccine adverse effects.

Daniel says that, given the rush to vaccinate everyone with a new vaccine technology, which had not been adequately tested, it should have, all the more, obligated a reporting system to be set up for the very first population to use it. She went on to claim that many who read the findings of the animal testing, which had been performed decades before, already understood what an mRNA vaccine was capable of doing, since it ended up killing the animals that had been used for testing.

She said that Pfizer was using Israel as a test case in order to see if herd immunity worked, something which had never been tested in its trials.

Daniel said that, in the early days, she was kicked off of Facebook for claiming that the vaccine could not prevent transmission.

Dr. Shir Raz also put out a site back in July 2022 which warned about adverse effects in children, reporting the below findings:

  • Adverse events are 2-4 times more common among ages 5-11! This is despite the fact that immunization rates at younger ages are 3-4 times lower than older children.
  • New adverse events that were not reported in Pfizer’s leaflet were identified.
  • Contrary to what has been claimed, various adverse events, including serious ones, are not short-lived and transient. Some last for more than a year.
  • A significant proportion of the adverse events did not disappear by the end of the study, so it is not possible to know how long they lasted.
  • Recurrence/exacerbation of adverse events following another dose was identified.

Dr. Shir-Raz noted that “the Ministry of Health did not respond to questions sent to it – neither through the ministry’s spokesperson’s office nor through its COVID information headquarters.”

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A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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Source: Israeli research team exposes hidden adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccine | All Israel News