IAmBrook Jackson-Covid Clinical Trial Whistleblower

My name is Brook Jackson. In September 2020, I was hired as a Regional Director for two of the three clinical trial sites in Texas that were participating in Pfizer’s pivotal, Phase III, mRNA (“vaccine”) clinical trial. Although my time with this company was brief, the misconduct that I witnessed was so blatant and so widespread that I documented numerous violations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations every, single day. After repeatedly bringing these concerns to Ventavia’s management and to Pfizer directly (although anonymously), I watched in disbelief as they began their efforts to conceal the fraud.

On September 25, 2020, I filed a formal complaint with the FDA and was fired hours later.

Starting October 9, 2020, efforts by Big Pharma and Big Tech have been used to intimidate me and keep me from bringing information forward to the public. I was misled by a team of former attorneys and pressured into filing a legal action that I believe was used to keep me silenced. That action was filed on January 8, 2021, under seal and ordered me to refrain from disclosing any information about the case.

As I watched the roll out of Pfizer’s product to millions, the mandates that ensued, the reports of injury and death, I could not be silent anymore. The weight on my heart was just too heavy. Even after being warned by a former lawyer that, “if you break the seal the Government will come after you”, I just couldn’t hold their secret any longer and took the evidence to The BMJ and retained new council.

Earlier this month the case was finally unsealed after the Government declined to intervene in support of the lawsuit. There was never an investigation by the FDA, the Department of Justice, or any other agency. All have refused to investigate the allegations of fraud and misbranding of Pfizer’s Covid-19 “vaccine” for nearly a year and a half now.

Since being fired, there have been other former and current employees of Ventavia that have reached out to me. Ventavia continues to be rewarded with additional contracts, new Sponsors, and opportunity to give Big Pharma favorable data no matter the cost.

The information that I have belongs to the entire world. Those involved in this evil, massive, fraudulent scheme to censor and cover up the truth must be held accountable.

I created this website so that I can share this information and to catalogue related documents.

Source: IAmBrook Jackson-Covid Clinical Trial Whistleblower