A Letter to New Zealand PRIME MINISTER, Jacinda Ardern


Dear Jacinda,

I am a New Zealander…a mother and a grandmother.

The closest i have been to you was when we jigged side by side in the VIP area of a U2 concert a couple of years ago. I remember thinking how tiny and pretty you were.

I am a sensitive empath, and watching the pain in your eyes as you comforted the bereaved and traumatised after the mosque massacre, and White Island…i thought i recognised the same in you.
I know your Misinformation Officer will quickly find this post and hopefully share it with you…

I am taking it upon myself to share a grassroots snapshot in time, of the immense suffering so many of your people are enduring right now.

I host a community of nearly 35,000 New Zealanders whose lives have been changed by the Covid 19 vaccine.

Many who gather here are living with the daily legacy of suffering serious adverse reactions to our “safe and effective” covid solution.

Some are paralysed or have lost their health and vitality as a result of a stroke, heart attack, blood clot or myocarditis after their jab.

Others are dealing with a paralysed face, or ongoing extreme exhaustion, crippling pain or daily headaches that see them confined to bed for weeks on end.

When they try to share their story (as many thousands tried to on your recent face book post), they are smashed with angry vitriol…cries of “misinformation” and “antivaxer”…even though they were “pro vax” enough to roll up their sleeve for the needle.

Having unexpectedly created a safe place for these marginalised and injured to gather, gives me daily insight into a New Zealand story the likes of which most unwitting Kiwi’s have no awareness of. All they hear every day is “safe and effective….  and they trust you and believe it.

The personal interactions i have with these families will leave a permanent heavy record in my heart.

I often think of the family whose beautiful brilliant medical specialist daughter is left permanently crippled by her post jab stroke.

Or the 22 year old woman who had to learn to walk and talk again after her stroke, following the jab she didnt want to have, but gave in to, in order to keep her job.

The family just 3 weeks ago who are wracked with trauma and grief after their precious 14 year old son collapsed dead in their garden, 3 days after his jab.

I have literally hundreds of such stories to share with you….as do the many who tried, unsuccessfully, to do so on your recent face book post.

You wont see a single one of them on the 6 o’clock news, the 1 o’clock update or the front page of the Herald.

Of course i realise that the vast majority of Kiwis will have their jab and have nothing more than a sore arm…but for many others life is changed and these broken Kiwis (who did the right thing!!) deserve our compassionate acknowledgement and care, not our scorn and disbelief.
And now there is a new tsunami of grief and suffering growing….the thousands of New Zealanders who are now faced with a choice they believed would never be forced upon them.
Do they take a jab, that for a myriad of reasons they have chosen not to have….or do they lose their job, vocation, career of decades?
While some will find the fear of unemployment and financial destitution enough to drag them, kicking and screaming to the vaccine tent…
For others, no amount of pressure, coercion or personal cost will be enough to wrestle a consent from their arm.

I have received hundreds of messages from these soon to be unemployed experts.

We are set to loose literally thousands of years of vocational experience from the New Zealand work force. Doctors, nurses, teachers, psychiatrists, midwives and more. Yes even an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Forensic Psychiatrist will be walking. Some who are new to their careers and still paying off student loans….others with 20 or 30 years of valuable experience.

To those who have already had their jab, this might seem pure insanity. Why would a professional with everything to lose, not just simply call in to the vax centre at the end of a work shift, and be done with the turmoil, pressure and angst?

I’ll share just a tiny few of the myriad reasons these incredible people have shared with me.

The reasons can be grouped, and the first group hinges on TRUST.

Try as they might, some just cannot rationalise their way into a place of trusting either Pfizer, or you and our Government.

They struggle to believe that the largest corporate and pharmaceutical felons in history can just be “trusted” with a rapidly developed, novel technology, medical product with absolutely ZERO long term safety data.

They also struggle with knowing that the contract our Government signed with Pfizer is confidential, and includes (this much we know) 100% liability protection for Pfizer.
These injured Kiwi’s I’ve spoken about…if they are lucky their financial care will come from ACC (its not a given though). That’s us.  The tax payers.  

An “all care, no responsibility” contract with a pharmaceutical company with a track record like Pfizer, simply does not inspire confidence in those who do their due diligence.

Others of these smart and educated professionals (including many medics) have spent many hours reading the clinical trial papers, following the government adverse reaction (and efficacy) databases around the world.

They are deeply concerned by what they see. Unprecedented serious injury and death, the likes of which have never been witnessed with a vaccine before. With the exception of the many times inflated risk of heart inflammation in young males, the other serious injuries (or worse) seem to be randomly meted out as a form of medical Russian Roulette.

There is another group of soon to be unemployed, who have health issues that in any “ordinary” times, would see them exempted or even contraindicated from receiving this vaccine. Long histories of blood clots, heart attacks, neurodegeneration conditions, and yes even previous severe and life threatening allergic reactions.

Instead they find themselves mandated, terrorised and terrified….including those who nearly died from their first dose, and are simply told they MUST have their second dose in a hospital with a crash cart and a resuscitation team at hand.

Then comes the group, often also encompassing the first two groups, who will walk away from their career as a stand for medical freedom.

These people believe that capitulating against their will to take a medical intervention, with unprecedented evidence of damage from around the world, is the greater of two evils.

Those with intelligence have so many unanswered questions…
Why do they not have the option of presenting a negative saliva test twice a week to ensure they are safe in the work place? (firstly….why do we not have $20 saliva tests available like the rest of the world?)

Why is an “immunity passport” based on evidence of covid antibodies from previous infection, not enough to safely keep their job?

Why has our Government put no effort into providing us with an effective Early Treatment Outpatient program such as that used with overwhelming success by Dr Peter McCullough or Dr Zelenko? Instead those in MIQ are offered panadol while they wait to see if their infection will lead them to ICU.

Why are we not checking the vitamin D status of every man woman and child in the land, and providing them with safe and effective doses of vitamin D…now that we know so clearly that low vitamin D makes us a sitting target for both infection and a poor outcome (and we have endemic vitamin D deficiency in NZ with our “sun smart” messaging).

Why have we not used the last 20 months to educate, empower and lead our nation into a better state of health…. starting with sharing the brutal truth that obesity greatly increases your risk of ICU and death.

Why have you done everything in your power to block our access to Ivermectin when the evidence of both the safety and efficacy for prevention and treatment of Covid is overwhelmingly positive?

Why are we not having any national debate and discussion around the risk/benefit analysis of vaccinating our children? New Zealanders have simply not been informed that their children face virtually no risk of a poor outcome from covid (unless their child is already severely health compromised). They are similarly unaware that their children face very real risks from taking the vaccine, including up to 25 times the usual risk of heart inflammation (young males), along with its potentially life shortening consequences.

Why do most New Zealanders not understand that as double vaccinated they can still both contract and transmit covid, get seriously ill from covid and die of covid.

We just have to look at the heavily vaccinated countries like Singapore, Israel and UK, to see that it will take much more than this “leaky” vaccine to put an end to our misery.

Why have New Zealanders not been told that the vaccine passport they covet, will likely disappear into thin air if they refuse to consent to a booster every six months in order to be considered “fully vaccinated”… along with the repeated re exposure to serious health risks.
I think enough has been said.

Your people are hurting….the vaccine injured or bereaved; the mandated and disillusioned, frightened and no longer trusting; and all those who have chosen (for a myriad of rational reasons) to decline the jab, and are now vilified, attacked, belittled second rate citizens in their own country.

Right now our nation has never felt more divided.

Mental health has never felt more thread bare. And never before have more questions been left unanswered.

Its not too late for you to show the same compassion we witnessed as you embraced the traumatised Muslims at the mosque.
Its not too late to work with your people instead of against them.