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Dr. Lawrence Palevsky spoke in an interview about the mechanics of spike protein shedding: “When studies are done on injections that are thought to be vaccine, we sometimes need 7, 10, or even 15 years to really understand what the injection does to the body, and what it does to those around us.

“And so, there’s automatically this assumption that when the authorities say these injections are safe, that we actually have adequate data and adequate observational data to understand whether or not these injections are safe.

“The bottom line is, we don’t have enough data to understand safety.

“The other thing is that we are made to believe in the public eye that this is a vaccine against a viral infection. So the entire world is thinking that this is a vaccine to protect us against SARS Cov2 viral infection. And when you have a vaccine that’s supposed to be effective as a vaccine, you’re supposed to have antibody immunity against the SARS Cov2 virus.  And that’s never been evaluated with these injections as to whether or not we have antibody immunity to a SARS Cov2 virus.

“Instead, what we have is the genetic information of what is believed to be a piece of the SARS Cov2 virus and that piece is called the ‘spike protein’, and the technology that’s being used is a technology to make this injection that’s never been used in vaccine science or methodology before with any kind of success.

“So we are essentially taking the genetic instructions that make a synthetic spike protein believed to be a part of the SARS Cov2 virus, and we’re giving those sets of instructions into the body and asking the human body to take the genetic instructions of that spike protein and make more of it in our own machinery.

“And so, this messenger RNA technology, which is what it’s called, is delivering the genetic instruction for us to make the spike protein. And the problem is that no study has ever been done to test its safety, but also no study is been done to test whether we turn on the production of that spike protein and ever turn it off.

“And so, spike protein in the naturally occurring SARS CoV2 viral infection has been shown to cause brain inflammation and neurological damage, heart attacks, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and interacting with the male and female reproductive systems, along with affecting blood binding to oxygen and blood clotting.

“And so, we know that the natural disease of SARS CoV2, because of the effects of the spike protein, is making people sick with all of these kinds of systemic illnesses. And so now we’re taking that spike protein genetic instructions, and we’re asking our bodies to make more of that spike protein. And so by making more of that spike protein, we are essentially creating the symptoms and the illness of COVID-19 by giving people the potential to have brain damage and neurological damage, lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, heart attacks, strokes, blood clotting issues, and impairments to male and female reproductive systems.

“And there’s no study to show whether when the body starts manufacturing the synthetic spike protein – whether or not we ever turn off the production of that spike protein.

“And so that spike protein is known to be pretty damaging to the human tissue. And so, we know that spike protein has been found in saliva, we know that it’s been found in the anus, and we have to ask the question: Is it found in the exhalation molecules that come out of our breath? Is it found in the skin when we sweat and we smell the spike proteins come out? And if so, does that impact other people with whom we come in contact?

“And so, what we’ve been seeing is a massive increase in those who’ve been given the injection of blood clotting problems, miscarriages, stillborns, infertility, stroke, heart attack, autoimmune diseases, and death, just to name a few, and that’s in those who been injected.  So certainly there should be a suspicion when you see people around the injected people who have not been injected getting the typical symptoms of COVID in addition to miscarriages, bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles; it should raise a very, very strong suspicion.

“The spike protein is, we are told, just specific to the SARS CoV2 virus, so that when your body makes the synthetic spike protein, you’re supposed to produce an antibody that’s supposed to attack the spike protein.

“Now, we don’t know if that spike protein production keeps going and going and going, and that would make the antibody production keep going and going and going as well. And the thing is, that we are finding that the genetic instructions of the spike protein are not specific just to the SARS CoV2 virus. The genetic instructions of the spike protein are also similar to, or the same as, many proteins that exist in the body itself.

“And so therefore, if we’re going to produce an antibody against the genetic instructions of the spike protein, those antibodies are going to find every bit of protein tissue around the body that matches the genetic instructions of the spike protein, and that antibody to the spike protein genetic instructions is going to produce an attack on any of the proteins and tissues in the body that are similar or the same to the genetic instructions of the spike protein. So that’s why you’ll see autoimmune diseases.” Continued on Source:


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Source: Dr. Lawrence Palevsky on spike protein shedding | America’s Frontline Doctors – The Plant Strong Club