The Conversation the Media Buried – but it will Never Die!

Sweden excess mortality as discussed (from Professor Michael Levitt and Stanford team analysis) – approx. 290 excess deaths per million population which is ~0.03% excess deaths across the population – and they were generally at life expectancy age. Also scroll down to end of this post for more detail on the pivotal Swedish control.

Details of how the WHO in conjunction with Pharma senior influencers removed the “severity” criteria from the Pandemic definition:

Approx. Mortality numbers for Ireland 2018 vs 2020 (note peak month April 2020 approx. matches deaths in peak month Jan 2018):  

Real-World risk in Ireland over more than a year and two full seasons of massive spread:  

Sweden further data – below the definitive data, again illustrating approx. 0.03% of population is the excess death over expected. Note the soft 2019, which helps explain even that number (large loading of aged frail built up before 2020). Data from original post here:

Note that this is the tip of the iceberg of Sweden’s correctness in using the 2019 WHO Pandemic Guidelines, rather than the China CCP nonsense. Sweden had a big stock of aged frail after the soft 2019 year – depicted excellently in this paper – note again how Sweden was stocked so high – meaning that their performance was even much better than as shown in the previous data above:

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